jeudi 30 novembre 2017

HOPE FOR BELLA - Charity Collaboration

This collaboration was created in order to give some hope to one of our designers who was hit very badly
by the hurricane "Maria" last September and lost almost everything.
This designer is "Bella Caribena". A stranger to some of you, an acquaintance for others, perhaps one of your favorite designers or a close friend. But no matter who she is for you, she desperately needs your help... our help.
We all know that Puerto Rico island has been completely devastated and that any help would be more than welcome. Unfortunately, we can not help all the residents of the island but we can certainly help one of ours.
By buying this collaboration, you will help Bella.
All of the profits of this product will be given to her on January 1st, 2018.
A great way to better start 2018 for her and her family don't you think??
This collaboration includes 15 amazing exclusive products.
You have until December 31, 2017 to get this special collaboration and give Bella and her family some hope.

CU Cheerful snowman FS

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