vendredi 15 juillet 2016

Wilma4ever's blog train - Ruby Slippers

We are all on different time zones,
so if someone doesn't have their part up yet,
please check back later.
Wilma4Ever (this is the train station's main hub, there is no download here)

5 commentaires:

BlueCat a dit…

Thank you very much.

Anonyme a dit…

lovely, thanks for sharing

Mary Presley a dit…

Beautiful colors!! Love the ruby slippers!! Love the witch legs!!! The musical notes are gorgeous!!! Thank you so much for sharing!!!

Dawn Campbell a dit…

Thanks so much for your portion of the W4E blog train!

Unknown a dit…

Thsnk you for the magic slippers and the flairs to match. I have love the 'Wizard of Oz' since I first saw it as a teenage over 50 years ago. I still enjoy watching it, even now. Marie H.